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Started as part of Black History Month, our Sean John Presents series features exclusive, limited edition collaboration with the Black artists you need on your radar. Next up is New Orleans-based Bmike

Brandon "Bmike" Odums explores the intersection of art and resistance through his exhibitions, public programs and public art works. From film to murals to installation, his work encapsulates the political fervor of a generation of Black American activists who came of age amidst the tenure of the nations's first Black president, the resurgence of popular interest in law enforcement violence, and the emergence of the self-care movement. Most often working with spray paint, Odums paints brightly-colored, wall-sized murals that depict historical figures, contemporary creatives, and everyday people.


stand strong

The exclusive, limited edition tee odums has created in collaboration with Sean John in celebration of Black history month is the definition of motivation and calls upon the community to effect change.

"This art piece communicates the idea of the collective effort that's required for one to stand strong. Like the African proverb, 'I am because we are'."


'All art is about communication, and I'm grateful for this opportunity provided by Sean John to share my voice. I still remember the pride and excitement I felt when I purchased my first Sean John piece in high school, so this invite to collaborate with the brand placed me back in that nostalgic excitement. I'm honored to share my voice.'

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